About Us

Sarasota Seminoles Youth Football and Cheer

Imagine a society where all people believe in themselves, where all people are inspired
to reach their full potential and are given the necessary tools to achieve success. There
is no need to imagine this society, but assist with the creation of it through our youth.
Sarasota Athletics, Inc. is committed to making this society a reality by creating
cutting-edge methods to develop, stimulate and challenge our youth.

Sarasota Athletics, Inc. is committed to developing the ultimate student-athlete. SA is focusing
on developing our athletes, both on and off the field of play. Our student-athletes will
receive guidance to assist them in learning fundamentals, increasing knowledge and
competing at the highest levels, all which can be applied in the classroom and on the
playing field.

Sarasota Athletics will instill a solid foundation for these student-athletes through
TEAM WORK. Sarasota Athletics, Inc. aims to enrich the lives of not only our youth,
but their community by educating them in: cultural diversity, character development
and community involvement. We are dedicated to this mission.